Transcenden Shanhaiguan 85K Project Comes to Completion Client Admin March 14, 2023

On 8th March 2023, Thome Marine Consultants (TMC) successfully delivered 85K DWT Bulk Carrier “Transcenden Fortune” to the owners.

This was the last vessel in the series of six vessels built by Transcenden Global Pte Ltd, Singapore.

The project commenced in December 2020, with the construction starting in April 2021 at Shanhaiguan Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd, a member of Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd, under the NB project management and site supervision of Thome Marine Consultants.

A Site team comprising of 9 on-site supervisors ensured the vessel construction to the highest quality standards, built and delivered to the satisfaction of the Owners.

The site team efforts were greatly recognized by the Owners for the successful completion of the project.

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